iLearn World Essay Contest Rubric

Writing Quality Originality and Relevance Insight and Reflection Show, don’t Tell
1 Essay appears as though it were written hastily and is riddled with grammar mistakes, spelling errors, incomplete sentences, etc. Topic fails to address the prompt or is inappropriate Essay fails to detail any takeaways from the experience Entirety of essay merely explains events

Story lacks voice and reads like a list: (‘event A happened, then event B happened’)
2 The author's main idea comes across clearly, but the writing quality is not compelling

Essay repeats words, sentence structures and struggles to provide a clear structure
Topic is relevant, but clichéd

There is little originality in terms of the essay’s structure and content
Essay addresses takeaways, but insights are obvious, weak or lackluster Essay begins to make use of various scenes, but it is difficult to tell who the author is and why this topic matters deeply to them
3 Essay flows well and has little repetition, but does not stand out Interesting topic that captures the reader’s attention from beginning to end, but not particularly unique Insights are both clear and unique

Reflection is well-organized and does not interfere with the flow of the essay
Essay strings together scenes in a personal way

Author’s voice is clear and lyrical
4 Essay is written beautifully with careful attention to detail from word choice to overall structure

Practically demanding publication
Topic and execution of descriptions are so fascinating that the reader can’t help but finish the piece learning something new and captivating Sentiments and reflections feel authentic and are incorporated so seamlessly, the reader cannot help but connect with the story on both an emotional and intellectual level. Perfect balance of “telling” and “showing”

Descriptions are so unique that only the young writer could have produced such a tale; voice shines through and brings flavor to the piece

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